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Is the Church Assembly Essential? pt. 2

Why can’t we just read our Bibles at home and skip going to church?

According to the same Barna poll, the people who claim to love Jesus but not the church are 56% less likely to read their Bibles.  For the rest of this article, I will call these people Anti-Churches.

The Bible is right there on the shelf, in the computer, in the cell phone.  It may seem illogical that people who claim to love Jesus would be 56% less likely to read their Bibles just because they don’t go to church.  Why is an Anti-Church less likely to read his or her Bible? 

  1. Disrespect. An Anti-Church is already disrespecting the Bible by not doing something the Bible tells them to do: assemble!  If you disrespect part of the Bible, you disrespect all of it. 
  2. Laziness. An Anti-Church misses getting out of bed, dressing up, driving to church, and sitting up straight while the preacher speaks, all of which infuse the human soul with respect for the Word.
  3. Isolation. An Anti-Church misses hanging around people who put their trust in the Word and speak of that trust freely, all of which motivates a Christian to study and trust the Word.
  4. Forgetfulness. Given humanity’s innate forgetfulness, the Anti-Church forgets how good and powerful and important the Word is.

If you love the Word of Jesus, one of the best things you can do to nurture that love is go to church.