Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

A Word for Today

Modern shepherds dip the entire sheep into soothing and protective ointment.

Anointing for Our Heads

Psalm 23:5b  …You anoint my head with oil.

Sheep are very vulnerable to flies and other biting insects, especially around their heads where the skin is more exposed.  A sheep will literally bang its head against a fence or a tree trying to take away the irritation.  What else can they do?

In the Bible days a good shepherd would rub oil on the head of the sheep.  The ointment would soothe  a tormented animal’s wounds and repel the flies and biting insects that could not easily penetrate the oil.

These annoying flies are like the irritations of life that cause our heads or thoughts to be unsettled and tormented.  Our worries may frustrate and madden us.  It is never truer than it is right now.  Have you ever seen the world in the anxious state it is currently in, in your lifetime?  Conflicting media commentaries, discouraging news reports, loss of work, lack of supplies, people being rude – all these things are buzzing around our eyes and ears, trying to wear us down.  Makes you want to bang your head sometimes!

The Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, has an answer: His Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is often likened to oil in the Bible. When we spend time with Him in His presence, through prayer and studying the Bible, the soothing peace of God can anoint our heads, taking away the irritations of life and preparing us for the mental and emotional challenges of the day.

Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you.  Said another way: Give God all your anxieties, for He is anxious for you!  Let the Holy Spirit comfort you.  He is our Good Shepherd who anoints our heads.  Spend time with Him and ask Him for the peaceful fruit of the Spirit.  I am.