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A Word for Today

The Shepherd’s Plan for His Flock

Psalm 23:1  The LORD is my Shepherd.  

Can I use a Shepherd’s point of view with his flock to simply explain God’s plan for man in five simple points?

1) A shepherd will begin his vocation by purchasing a flock of sheep for himself.  And so, Jesus the Messiah, the Good Shepherd deposited the largest sum ever deposited at the bank of Heaven by laying down His perfect God-man life, paying the price with His own life on the cross.  He is using this enormous deposit to purchase Himself a flock of wild sheep that was under the control of sin and the devil (the wolf) and add each one, one by one, to His flock – each one that is willing to join His flock.

2) Once we choose to join His flock, He will clean us up and make us beautiful in His sight.  He will wash away our spiritual disease and affliction, everything that hinders us.  We will not look like the wild sheep that we once were.  We will be new.

3) As our Shepherd, He will then keep us safe and satisfied – our soul and spirit protected through this life until our physical death.  He will guide us into eternity, and He will give us eternal life.  No one will take us from His hand all the years of His care.

4) In this life He wants to give us the most productive and useful life under His care. Just as prized sheep produce rich wool, healthy offspring and sweet milk, The Good Shepherd’s people will live a righteous life, lead others to the new birth, and help nourish new believers in the milk of His Word. 

5) So good is His care that when He takes us to our eternal home we will be accompanied by some ribbons and awards, spiritual prizes to show for all eternity.  He wants to do everything in His power to make His sheep prize winners at the heavenly judging circle at the throne of His judgement.

That is the kind of GOOD Shepherd He is and that is the outline of His plan for your life and eternity under His care.