Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

A Word for Today

In heaven, people of every color and nationality will be united together in the worship of Jesus Christ. (picture credit:

True Unity Among People

Without question, we are living in very troubled times. Racism and hatred appear to be on the increase while our nation spirals out of control with lawlessness and unrest in our major cities. Many feel the only way to achieve justice and bring about real reform is through radical acts of anger and violence. Others, using a more level-headed approach, are promoting multicultural education programs and diversity workplace training to encourage people to embrace acceptance and tolerance of others.

Through protest, legislation, and education, mankind genuinely hopes to put an end to society’s problems and achieve unity. The truth is, society’s programs will never work because the real problem is SIN.  It is the wickedness of man’s heart that produces evil such as racism, prejudice, hatred, strife, contention, injustice and murder. The real answer to the problem is for people to go to the one who can help us with our sin problem – Jesus Christ.

This world may ignore the fact that Jesus is the real solution to bringing about unity among people. But this is not the case in heaven, where God’s will is always done.  I take comfort in this image of heaven:

Revelation 7:9-10 After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb. They were clothed in white robes and held palm branches in their hands. And they were shouting with a great roar, “Salvation comes from our God who sits on the throne and from the Lamb!” (NLT version)

Man cannot end hatred and racism in his own power. It takes the blood of Christ to do this in each human – one by one. But Praise the Lord, in heaven, there will not be rioting, looting, violence, or lawlessness. There will be people of every color, every language, every nation, and every ethnicity praising Jesus Christ in complete unity, love, and adoration.

What a picture! I want to be part of that scene one day!