Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

A Word for Today

An improbable arrow struck Ahab through a joint in his armor, and he bled to death by the end of the day (see 1Ki 22)

Thank you, Lord, for our Peaceful Homes

1 Kings 22:17 These have no master: let them return every man to his house in peace.

We are living in a time of great argument and contention in America. Does the Lord want us to fight along with the many others? Should we all take sides? Ask your Lord, in your heart, if the example of 1 Kings 22 gives our answer.

A wicked king of Israel, Ahab, got it into his head that he would fight. His idea was to win back a city that had been lost to Syria. Four hundred prophets assembled to confirm the idea, like a stirring political convention.

“Go up!” they said. “The LORD will deliver the city to into your hands!” Four hundred prophets! – they could not all be wrong! One guy even made some iron horns to act out how the king of Israel would push Syria back. What drama!

The truth was that the Lord did not want His people to fight Syria at that time. And it was a simple matter for four hundred prophets to be wrong. It was all the work of a single lying spirit.

There were also true prophets in Israel at the time, including Micaiah and Elisha. Micaiah said clearly and strongly that the people should not fight because they lacked godly leadership. He told them, “These have no master: let them return every man to his house in peace.” He told Ahab that if he went to battle, he would not return. In fulfillment of Micaiah’s prophecy, Ahab bled to death after a most improbable wound.

Micaiah ended his message, “Hearken, O people, every one of you.” We need to hearken, too, and go to our homes in peace. We sheltered at home from COVID. We should shelter now, too, during the current times of contention. We should spend this time appreciating our loving families, our encouraging friends, and our peaceful church. The battles that are raging in the cities and on the media, are not our battles.

Oh, Lord, please protect us from the lying spirit. Let us not accept the consensus position as right simply because it is the consensus. Let our ears be open to your servants even if they are few. Please make our homes and our church peaceful refuges. In the name that is above every name, Jesus Christ. Amen.