Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

A Word for Today

Our Lord’s Trust

Read Job 1-Job 2:10

As a ten-year-old my parents allowed me to ride my bike about 10 minutes to a friend’s house. I always had to call them when I arrived to let them know I arrived safely. These trips to my friend’s house were always exciting for me because I was on my own and taking responsibility. My parents trusted me. That trust was empowering.

In Job 1 and 2 Satan is mentioned as a major figure in Job’s story.  Satan’s name means “accuser” or “adversary.” True to his name, Satan makes an accusation against God and Job, that their relationship is phony at best, and manipulative at worst.  “Job is only good to You because You’re good to him,” says Satan to God. Satan’s crafty accusation has vast implications, suggesting an honest relationship between any human and God is bought. 

God could have dismissed this false accusation from Satan and gone on His way, but He does something remarkable. He trusts Job! Picture it! God’s effort to create something wonderful, by creating man and giving him free will, and reaching out to man in love, is being sullied. And what does God do? God trusts a man to prove His accuser wrong. The Lord’s trust in Job actually foreshadows the trust He will place in His Son Jesus.

Job not only foreshadows Jesus. He represents the universal human struggle against evil. When God trusts Job, think of God trusting us. God trusts YOU! He trusts you to represent Him well, to thwart the accusations of His enemies, to make Him proud. That’s a heavy responsibility, but I also think it is an empowering responsibility. Are you taking this trust seriously?  Are you representing God well? Or do you allow God to be mocked? Remember, daily, that God is trusting you, and make good on that trust.

Lord, thank you for trusting me. I will live in a way that gives you glory and lifts up Your name in the presence of Your enemies. Please be with me today and provide me strength and support. Amen.