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A Word for Today

Will handling a frog give you warts?

With a Child’s Faith

Read 1 Thess. 2:13-16

I’ve heard little kids lecturing one another and debating about some pretty interesting topics with outlandish positions: “Yes they are! Wolves are the fastest animals!”  or “If a you hold a frog you’ll get warts, that’s why Billy has warts on his hands!”  In the instances I can think of both children were convinced that they possessed the truth.  A few times they asked me for my input, and I noticed that whatever I said completely erased their previous notions.  Naturally, children trusted what I said. It was the word of someone older and more experienced.

In their letter to the Thessalonian church Paul, Silas, and Timothy commend and express strong thankfulness for the way the Thessalonians received the Word of God.  The Thessalonians didn’t view it as merely the word of men, but as it is, the Word of God.  How do you view the Word of God, especially when it comes from another man or woman?  As the divine revelation of God or as the common word of man?  We receive the Word of God frequently, particularly through preaching in church.  How do we receive it?

The Thessalonians persevered through a great deal of persecution despite being young Christians because they were convinced they were following God’s Word, not man’s.  Men and women are not willing to suffer death and persecution for the word of men, but they will if they believe they are being obedient to God.

In our day and age there is so much skepticism and warping of the truth.  God forbid we view the Word of God as more “spin.”  May we hear it and accept it for what it is: God’s truth!

Dear God, I will receive your Word with thoughtfulness and the utmost respect.  I will not receive it with skepticism or as the common word of man, I will live by it and hold to it in all situations.