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A Word for Today

Occupy Until I Come

Luke 19:13

And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come. 

The word “occupy” is interesting in the original Greek. It means to be in the business of a banker or trader. It is only used once in the Bible and so it is significant through its rarity.

Jesus said until He comes, Christians are to be busy with the talents of gold which are on loan from Him.

And we followers of Christ are to be busy like traders. Traders exchange with other people, goods for money or goods for goods. Christians are called to engage with other people and trade with them in the marketplace of ideas and thoughts. They put something forth, you do too, the Truth of God’s Word. We are to work hard at it, sharing the gospel.

Same for bankers. They take that which is entrusted with them (on deposit) and they lend it out to others. They make investments. That precious thing (gold or money) is not wasted but makes its way through the economy and then back to the banker with interest. We too can make investments in lives with our time, words, personal interest, and money.

Every businessman must expend energy with those who are prospects for his business. Every lead must be chased down. Every relationship cultivated. Studies of sales show that the average person buys a product after seven contacts. How many contacts are necessary for the kingdom of God to take root in a life? One or thirty? The Holy Spirit will guide us.

We are to stay busy winning souls until He comes. We are not to keep silent in the world or huddle amongst ourselves. We have to keep engaging. How poor are the merchants who only trade with themselves? How poor are the bankers who only loan to each other?

No matter what else is going on in the world traders keep trading. Business must go on.

Occupy until Jesus comes. Keep sharing the Word investing yourself into other’s lives. May He find us praying and working towards one more harvest.