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A Word for Today

Will 2021 be your healthiest year ever?

The Healthiest One in the Room

2 Timothy 1:7  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

You have certainly heard the expression, “the smartest person in the room.”  Somehow a certain person in the meeting gets a reputation for being able to instantly grasp all the economic, social, cultural implications of a new policy. If he or she has a comment, everyone listens.

We also have an eye for the physically healthiest person in the room. That individual sits a little straighter than the rest, walks with a bit more bounce, listens so alertly. Oh, everyone notices: less body fat! The physically healthiest person probably also has a cool haircut. Not sure how “physically healthy” translates to cool haircut, but it seems to.

But who is the healthiest person in the room spiritually and emotionally? Who has the healthiest inner person? 

Everyone will probably be able to spot this person as well as the smartest and the physically healthiest. The most spiritually and emotionally healthy person will exude confidence in the LORD and His Word. He or she will emanate faith. This person will be clearly happy and comfortable talking and listening to others. The spiritually healthiest person will be at peace, and will not react with pride, just waiting to pounce on any person who dares to criticize. The spiritually healthy one will be generous with time and talk. This healthy saint will most definitely NOT withdraw in fear, shame, and pain.

If you are a Christian, the LORD wants you to be the healthiest one on the room (along with the other redeemed of Christ). This is not to say we should be proud. But we should be clearly spiritually and emotionally healthy. I became a Christian because I was drawn to a Christian young lady who I saw as the spiritually healthiest person in a great big room, a university dining hall filled with hundreds of other students. She stood out, and so should we all.

As the Bible says, the LORD has given us “the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.” Anyone who bothers to look should be able to see the health in you.