Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

A Word for Today

The resurrection of Jesus justifies our faith in God.

He’s Alive! pt. 4

Romans 4:25  [Jesus Christ] was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification.

There could be some good arguments against the truthfulness and believability of the Bible record of the bodily resurrection of Jesus.

— Here are his bones. You see, he is still dead.

— Peter, John, Matthew, James, Paul, Luke, and Mark – every one of them is a proven liar, either a sicko or a con man.

— The followers of Christ disappeared after His death, and the Christian faith was never heard of again.

— The story was made up generations after it was supposed to have taken place.

But every one of these arguments falls apart after it is questioned in the most rudimentary way.

— We have found only an empty tomb when we have gone searching for His bones.

— All the New Testament writers have impeccable records of trustworthiness.

— Christianity obviously didn’t disappear from the world after the death of its founder Jesus.

— The text of the New Testament had authority as the Holy Scriptures of Christianity all the way back into the first century.

It turns out that none of the arguments presented above is the real reason someone disbelieves the resurrection.  The arguments are all smoke.

The real reason is that the doubter does not believe in God.  The doubter disbelieves the one thing — the resurrection — because he or she disbelieves all things — that God cares, that God would intervene into human history, that God does miracles. 

You see, if there is no God of miracles, there is no God.  There is only nature. There is no one above nature, beyond nature, in control of nature. In other words, there is no super-natural. And if there is no super-natural, there is no God.

If the resurrection is anything, it is super-natural.  Inside Christ’s tomb, in a moment of time, the wounds healed, the heart began beating, the blood started flowing, the lungs started respirating, the body began to sense. And none of these functions would ever be taken from the risen Christ again.  He would never corrupt, spoil, sicken, age, or die again. He strode from the tomb, or flew, or translated. He didn’t limp, crawl, or stagger from death’s grip.

Our faith in God is justified forever by the resurrection. God has power over nature and death. We can trust Him with our eternal souls. God loves us!

Oh, Lord, may we trust You completely, knowing that You have the final say over everything, even death.