Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

Living Word Academy

A Description of Living Word Academy

Our educational facility is situated on 16 acres of property consisting of two academic buildings, the Living Word residential apartments and the Living Word Family Worship Center, where we hold our Church services. The larger academic building is used primarily by grades pre-K through six, while the second one is geared more for high school needs. We have 12 classrooms in the larger building and eight in the smaller one. The high school building is connected to the residential apartments and to the Family Worship Center and has been completely remodeled with clean, modern, and spacious rooms in order to create an environment that enhances learning.

Students enjoy a snack in between classroom instruction.

The high school building houses a full photography lab, capable of processing all black and white and color printing, slides, and negative work for the purpose of teaching photography.

For the Consumer Automotives course, there is a mechanics shop equipped to handle all kinds of small engine repairs and minor automotive repairs.

A volunteer-staffed kitchen provides delicious hot lunches for the students and staff. The cafeteria holds 100 students.

Chapel is held each morning for grades K-12. Grades seven through 12 meet in one location and grades K-6 in another. Students lead worship in both chapels.

In the audio/visual department, there are various TVs, computers, laptops, LCD projectors, document cameras, overhead projectors, DVD players and other equipment to promote a learning environment. There is a computer lab in the high school where each student has his/her own computer for keyboarding classes. Additionally, there are 5 monitored computers in the school library. Many teachers now are making use of safe and secure online capabilities to allow students to view assignments, ask questions, and turn in completed homework through email.

The LWA libraries contain more than 6000 titles. Their reference departments are being continually updated. The libraries include an exceptionally large selection of biographies for elementary level reading, and a large selection of autobiographies and biographies for high school students. 


Students eagerly wait in anticipation for story time with their teacher.

Athletic facilities include a gymnasium, athletic fields for varsity sports andelementary youth programs, locker rooms, and various gymnastic equipment. The gym also has a large stage that can be turned into a theater for Academy drama productions and music recitals. Related summer programs at Living Word Camp, near Parish, N.Y., offer a fine supplement to LWA’s athletic programs. Swimming, boating, fishing, camping, hiking, and lifesaving programs are taught each season. The students also play softball, soccer, volleyball, and basketball at the camp.

The science department specializes in ‘hands on’ learning. We have medical-quality microscopes, many measuring devices (spectroscopes, spectrometers, etc.), balances, tools, and a good chemical closet. We have an unusually large collection of specimens ranging from protozoans to vertebrates. Usually there are a number of living specimens as well, especially those found locally. Aquariums also double as breeding tanks for various algae, protozoa, etc.