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Sunday School

“…Jesus called them (the children) unto Him, and said, Suffer (permit) little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God.” (Luke 18:16) Young children are drawn to the person of Jesus Christ and Sunday School is one way the Church obeys His command to let them come. 


The Sunday School staff have spent many years enriching the concept of this educational activity at Living Word, from one of “read and preach” to one of total Christian education. Guidelines are established and teachers are shown how to meet children’s needs in emotional, physical, social, and spiritual areas of their development.

In a typical Sunday School class, time is broken down into three major portions: Bible learning activity, which deals with everyday life, homelike situations, and work and play, to teach Scriptural principles. Children generally begin by starting at an activity table and then moving onto second and third tables after each activity is completed. When the activities have been completed there is time devoted to studying about various biblical stories and accounts and singing praises unto the Lord.

Together Time Workshop uses songs geared to each age group, to teach children to worship their Heavenly Father. With specific aims and goals in view for each session, teachers are able to fulfill their responsibilities of teaching Bible principles to our precious children.

Children from age three through fifth grade attend classes beginning at 8:30 Sunday morning, where they learn from God’s Book. Bible stories are read and discussed with emphasis on practical application of spiritual truth.

Youngsters in Sunday School are challenged to participate in individual and group activities that may range from pasting pictures together to make a collage of things they are thankful for to marching seven times around a “Jericho” of desks and chairs. No matter the lesson at hand, children are taught the relevancy of the Scriptures to their everyday lives.

It is most important that parents know what is being taught in the Christian Education Program. Each parent receives a book of the Bible stories presented each week. Parents are asked to read these stories to their children during the week, to reinforce the lessons given each Sunday. Parents are invited to attend workshops and to sit in on Sunday morning classes. With parents and teachers working together in this way, children are being brought up even more effectively in the ways of the Lord.

Many of the younger adults have fond memories of their times spent in Sunday School as they were growing up. Quite a large number of them have returned to Sunday School, this time in the role of teacher. Like so many ministries, Sunday School is one area where husbands and wives can work together in service to the Lord.

We are blessed to be able to have Sunday School. The opportunity to make a positive impression on a youngster for Jesus Christ is without doubt one of the best blessings that one can take part in. Living Word Church places a strong emphasis on families and relationships. We believe the Sunday School ministry is another avenue of helping to strengthen family bonds and values and a love for our Savior.