Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

Living Word Academy

International Students

International students, primarily from South Korea, have been an important part of our school for a number of years. We have graduated over 20 Korean students. These students, who are an answer to prayer, enrich our student body and have contributed significantly to the spiritual, academic, and athletic growth of our Academy. We continue to pray for many more international students from many different countries to come to Living Word Academy where they will be loved and nurtured in God’s Holy Word and thrive in God’s Holy Presence.

Over the years, students have come to the Academy from different parts of Africa, Latin America, and Asia with different levels of ability in the English language. Living Word Academy now offers a special E.N.L. (English as a Natural Language) class to assist students with their English. 


Many Korean children have enrolled as international students at Living 
Word Academy.