Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

About the Church

Living Word Family Worship Center

Its Construction – A labor of Love

Over the years, the brethren at Living Word Church have been called upon to volunteer their services in many different capacities to help the Church operate smoothly. It is true that without the volunteering of the Saints, the Academy and the Church camp wouldn’t be what they are today. However, when the time came to begin construction on the Worship Center, the need for volunteer labor was greater than ever before. Certainly, this was an undertaking that seemed like an impossibility to accomplish. However, Jesus said in Mark 10:27, “…With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.”And certainly this endeavor could not have been accomplished without the mighty hand of the Lord being involved.

The Saints knew what was ahead of them and they responded to the call for help in droves. Young and old, men and woman alike, came out to do whatever small part they could. Various tradesmen in the Church put their skills to work on the electricity, plumbing, carpentry, surveying, and construction. Some used their vacation time from their places of employment in order to devote that time to working on the building construction. Others took leaves of absences from their jobs in order to work the building project full-time. One example of this was Bro. Rocine, the Associate Pastor. Bro. Rocine, who also teaches high school English at the Academy, found that his time was greatly needed at the work site. He took a temporary leave of absence from teaching so that he could give the work project his full attention. Of course, this could not have been possible if one of the other faculty members didn’t step up and volunteer to take on his teaching responsibilities along with her own.

There were many sacrifices made by countless Saints to ensure that God’s will would be done. Many brothers worked long and hard through all manner of heat and humidity in the summer and rain, snow, blizzards, and frigid temperatures in the winter. Others sacrificed time at home with their families to diligently finish their tasks. Likewise, a great many of the younger adults came faithfully to help out with swinging a hammer, painting, or even just plain clean up.

Such demanding physical labor easily tired the brothers who worked each day from early morning until late in the evening. Thankfully, our dear sisters in Christ rose to the challenge to see to it that the men always had enough to eat and drink. Countless women laboriously cooked meals and donated food, drinks, and snacks to keep up the morale.

While many did the physical work and others provided the food, still innumerable others gave generously out of their pockets in order to help take on such a tremendous financial responsibility. No one particular person can take the credit for the construction of the building. Each person made his or her contributions as they were able. Together, with the Lord adding the increase, the finished Worship Center is a testimony of how the Lord can accomplish the impossible with those who are willing to put forth an effort, do their part, and believe in God to bring it to fulfillment.