Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

About the Church

Living Word Family Worship Center

The Banquet Hall

Just as the first century Church desired to break bread and fellowship with one another, we too at Living Word Church covet the close-knit family bonds that we share with other Saints through fellowship. In the Word of God, fellowship and food often go hand-in-hand. In Acts 20:7, the scripture states, “And upon the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread…” As this was a common practice in the early Church, we too, have made it a high priority to have fellowship with one another. Here are a few ways that the Church accomplishes this:

Friday Evening Fellowship

On Friday evenings, after being spiritually fed from the Word of God, brethren and visitors can look forward to delicious pizza, cheese nachos, cookies, ice cream, coffee, and more 

Wedding Receptions

Living Word newlyweds often have their wedding reception at the Church Banquet Hall in order to cut down on wedding expenses and to have the opportunity to have a beautifully catered reception in a Godly atmosphere. Dedicated brethren volunteer their services to help make each wedding day special for all involved. 

Sunday Morning Breakfasts

Every Sunday morning, Saints have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast before the Church service begins. Saints who drop off their children at Sunday school no longer have to wait around or go home. Now, they have the chance to start off their Sunday morning enjoying some good fellowship (and some good food) with the brethren.