Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

About the Church

Living Word Family Worship Center

The Nurseries

During the Assembly meetings, parents with young children have the benefit of the Living Word Church Nursery. Children can be left in one of eight age-appropriate spacious units, while parents worship the Lord and listen to the Word of God. The Nursery is set up to accommodate newborns, toddlers, children up to age five, and children with special needs.

Jesus loves little children. He has provided volunteer baby-sitters who give loads of tender loving care in a safe, disciplined, Christ-centered environment. All sitters are under the supervision of Sis. Janis Bernard.

It is a blessing to see women of all ages working together to serve their littlest brothers and sisters in Christ. It is important that the time the children spend in the nursery is pleasant, safe, and worry-free for all concerned. 


While toddlers are in the nursery, there is a wide assortment of toys for them to play with, to help encourage them to learn to interact and share with one another. Such play time is not only enjoyable for the children, but allows them to have quality time making friends while teaching them how to cooperate with other people.

Young sisters also can develop relationships with the children through interactive play, reading, and various games. The time spent in the nursery is beneficial for these girls, for it teaches them the skills that will be needed when they themselves become mothers.