Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

Living Word Academy

LWA’s Teachers/Volunteers

Living Word Academy teachers and volunteers are the heart of our program and are called by the Lord Jesus Christ to service. Most of our full-time teachers are certified by New York State in their specific field of education and for those few who lack the official certification title; a heart filled with love, experience in rearing children, a God-given ability to teach, and a hunger to grow and learn, more than adequately qualifies them to be in the classroom. Several of our full-time teachers volunteer their time without compensation. 


Sis. Linda Ludovico and her helpers make first grade exciting and fun

LWA has over 80 volunteers who serve your children each week in a variety of capacities including, but not limited to teaching, nursing, clerical positions, food service, and custodial workers. Time after time, we call upon volunteers to fill a staffing need and they are always more than accommodating. The Academy could not continue without the labor of our volunteers.

Our teachers and volunteers are saved and led by the Holy Spirit. They love your children and desire to serve them in whatever capacity is necessary. They are all team players and willing to forgo their own needs for the better good of the Academy.

The Lord has a purpose, design, and will for this Academy. Your support, provision, participation, and prayers are all necessary for this ministry to reach its full potential. 


Friendly office staff creates a cheerful atmosphere at the Academy.



Faithful kitchen workers volunteer their time each day to serve the children.