Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

About the Church

VA Hospital and Nursing Home Visits

Over the years, there have been outreaches to various local nursing homes and to the VA Hospital by various members from Living Word Church. The visitation program at the Veterans Administration Hospital began in 1988. Many Saints in the Church have had regular contact with patients there. Church representatives have encouraged the patients (many of whom have few other visitors) and introduced them to the Lord Jesus Christ. Through the years, quite a few have received salvation. People who were dying have received Christ, as well as people with mental problems, the old, the young, every type of person – the Lord faithfully backed up the witnessing efforts.

More recently, many of the students from Living Word Academy have visited several local nursing homes in the Central New York area to sing inspirational songs about Jesus Christ and to offer the hope presented by the Gospel. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for the young Saints to minister to those that in need using the talents God has given them.