Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

Living Word Academy

Principal’s Comments

Brother Isaiah Rocine,
Principal of Living Word Academy.

Greetings! I am glad you want to learn more about a Christ-Centered education for your children. As the principal of Living Word Academy, it is my blessing to help you learn more about our unique school.

Living Word Academy started in 1979, inspired by Living Word Church members’ experiences with their children attending public schools. We continue today with the same mission in mind: to provide Christian families in our community an affordable, Christ-Centered education. Our goal is to see each of our students make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and live their faith, by God’s grace, with sincerity and discipline.

I’m honored to be the first principal in the Academy’s history who is also a graduate of the school. But I can hardly say that I am the first alumni to work here, and that says a lot about Living Word Academy. We have several core teachers and many elective teachers who are alumni. We all appreciate the foundation that Living Word Academy laid for us, where each day begins with a chapel service and time dedicated to studying the Bible, and each day ends with prayer. Christ is our priority above all else; before academics, sports, money and career. This belief has taken root in our hearts, and we believe it is so valuable that we have invested our time at the Academy to share this same foundation with the coming generations.

We have a simple program, but we are hardworking, so we do a lot with a little.

Our graduates are a living testimony on behalf of Living Word Academy. They have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, homemakers, janitors, and everything in between. Over the years, our graduates have exhibited a preference for careers in education and in medical professions because of their desire to serve others. While we are proud of our graduates’ career accomplishments, we are more blessed to hear of their continuing fruitfulness in Christ.

If you would like to learn more about our school, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to sit down with you and tell you more about Living Word Academy.

In Christ, 
Brother Isaiah Rocine