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Living Word Academy

Student Code of Conduct

We pray that every student enjoys his or her attendance at Living Word Academy, but every student should also remember to take this attendance seriously and appreciatively. Attendance at Living Word Academy is a privilege, not a right. The administration and staff at the Academy are determined that all students not only learn academics, but that they also grow in Christian character. Accordingly, students at Living Word Academy must agree to and abide by the following code of conduct.

Students are to strive toward unquestionable Christian character in respectfulness, goodness, ethics, and appearance. Each year, students are expected to show improvement in Christian character.

On the other hand, lying, cheating, stealing, plagiarism, slovenliness, noncooperation, disrespect, violence, foulness, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, pornography, smoking, vandalism, alcohol use, drug abuse, tattoos, body piercing or any sinful activity contrary to the tenets of our faith, are all grounds for immediate dismissal and/or expulsion.

The staff will often communicate with parents/guardians about the progress of students in developing Christian character. 

Student Dress Code

Students are required every school day to wear the school-specified uniform. No additions to or subtractions from the school-specified uniform are allowed. 

The following items are required for sisters:

  • School shirts
  • School skirts or navy jumpers
  • Blue socks or blue or natural stockings
  • Black closed-toe, closed-heel shoes

The following items are required for brothers:

  • School shirts
  • School pants
  • School tie
  • Belt
  • Navy blue socks
  • Black closed-toe, closed-heel shoes

The following are optional:

  • School sweaters or fleece jackets
  • School headbands or scrunchies
  • Dark colored boots during the winter months
  • Small hair clips and rubber bands

The following are not allowed:

  • Colored or printed undershirts
  • Coats and jackets during class time

The uniforms must be kept clean, mended, and reasonably tidy. For instance, pants and skirts should be pulled up above the hips, should be of appropriate and modest length, and shirts should be tucked in.

Lanyards with key cards are considered part of the student uniform and as such are required to be worn around the neck at all times during the school day. Students are not to deface or destroy the lanyards and key cards. If a lanyard or key card is lost, a student must replace them at cost, through the Living Word Academy office. Students who do not have a lanyard and key card with them at school will be subject to a dollar fine per day they are missing their lanyard, and will not receive their next report card until their fines are paid. If a student is in violation more than three times, they will receive a detention.

For physical education class, students should all wear the school-specified gym uniform including white socks and sneakers.

Students will be allowed to wear Church clothes to extra-curricular functions and on field trips as long as they maintain compliance with the school-specified uniform at all other times.

Sisters may wear make-up and jewelry, but with discretion and in an age-appropriate manner. Brothers must have neat, short haircuts. Sculpted or multi-level haircuts are not allowed. Brothers may not dye or highlight their hair. Tattoos and body piercings are not allowed, except for traditional ear piercing for the sisters.

Over the years, we have found that the school-specified uniform may change or that students will always think of some appearance detail that we have not thought about. We expect all students to comply with administration and staff requests concerning their appearance. 

Personal Behavior

Students are to show respect and appreciation for every adult who is serving in the Academy in any capacity as well as for their fellow students.

Students are to be in control on school property, including buses, at all times. Rowdiness is never acceptable. Except during special events, students should generally be quiet. Any physical contact should be appropriate and limited.

No obscene, profane, threatening, or otherwise ungodly language is allowed.

Matches, lighters, weapons, pocket knives, electronic games, radios, personal music players, or cards of any sort are not allowed in school.

Cell phones are not to be used during the school day, unless students are given permission from the school office. If a cell phone is brought to school, it must be placed in the student’s locker and remain there until dismissal. Students who do not have their cell phone in their locker, will have the phone locked in the school safe for a week the first time, a month the second time, and until the end of the school years the third time.

During fire drills, students are expected to be attentive and responsive, cooperate with staff members and leave the Academy in a quiet and orderly manner.

Gum chewing is not allowed at any time or in any place at school.

Students will faithfully perform their cleaning chores for the school. 


The staff will give detentions for recalcitrant behavior or when students commit other serious offenses against the code of conduct. Both the principal and the student’s parent or guardian will sign the form. Detention will be held one day per week from 3:15-4:00. Students should be picked up promptly at 4:00.

Upon receiving detention for a third offense during a single school year, the student will attend a two-hour Saturday detention under the supervision of his or her parent or guardian. The detention will include cleaning the Academy.

Upon receiving a detention for a fourth offense in a single school year, the student will lose the privilege of participating in any extra-curricular activities such as clubs or inter-scholastic sports or intramural sports.

Upon receiving a detention for a fifth offense during a single school year, the student may be suspended from school.

Detention for missing excuses or multiple tardies, or five occurrences of illegal absences will count as a behavioral detention.


Students that are suspended will only be allowed back in school when they have successfully convinced administration that they have learned from the suspension and are determined to change their behavior.

Tardiness Policy

When a student is illegally tardy for the fifth time during a single school year, he or she will receive a detention. He or she will then receive a detention for each successive 5 illegal tardies. Students have one week to bring in their tardiness excuses before they receive a detention for the missing excuse. Excuses may be emailed to the school at lwaexcuses@yahoo. com.

When a student is illegally tardy for the fifth time during a single school year, he or she will receive a detention. He or she will then receive a detention for each successive 5 illegal tardies. Students have one week to bring in their tardiness excuses before they receive a detention for the missing excuse. Excuses may be emailed to the school at lwaexcuses@yahoo. com. 

Absence Policy

Students have one week to bring in their excuses for being absent before they will receive a detention for the missing excuse. An absence because of a vacation is an illegal absence, and the administration strongly discourages this practice. Students already have ample vacation time during a school year. A detention will be given for every 5 illegal absences a student receives. Teachers will not allow students to make up work or exams they missed due to taking a vacation, regardless of the length. 

Summer School Policy

At the discretion of the administration, summer school may be available for a small fee for 7th – 12th grade students who have failed a subject for a year. Upon successful completion of the summer school session, the student will receive a grade of 70 for the year. 

School Property

The following areas are off- limits unless the student has special permission:

  • Teacher’s desks and files
  • Kitchen
  • Garages
  • Parking lot
  • School and Church offices

Students may not use school equipment or supplies, including computers, without staff permission. They may not use the gym without supervision.

Food is only allowed in restricted areas at restricted times.

Vandalized or neglected property will be replaced at the student’s expense.

Office telephones are for official business only. Hall phones may only be used with permission.

Students will maintain their own desk and locker spaces in a clean, orderly manner.

The principal must grant permission for students to drive their own cars on school property. 

Extra-curricular Activities

Good sportsmanship is to be displayed by all participants and spectators at athletic contests.

Students may not leave the school grounds during the school day without permission.

Students must maintain a satisfactory performance in character and academics to be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities like clubs and sports.

During field trips, students should be obedient to all instructions from either the chaperones or the hosts. Students should stay together and be good examples for Christ and the Academy.