Reaching out to Central New York in the name of Jesus Christ

About the Church

The Preached Word

For nearly five decades, Living Word Church has been noted for boldly proclaiming the Word of God. Through preaching and teaching, Church leaders repeatedly stress relevant, doctrinally-balanced positions during our regular services.

While much of Christendom has tossed away the preaching of God’s Word in favor of psychology, human reasoning, rituals, and entertainment, you’d better bring your Bible when you come to Living Word Church – for that is always the main text, the very source of spiritual nourishment. Don’t expect to hear the call to political activism, the agenda of civil rights, or the “gospel” of social reform. (Responsible citizenship is one of the many by-products of a healthy Christian experience, not an end in itself.)

Do expect to hear the call to: righteous living, Christian obedience, spiritual maturity, brotherly love, and Godly service. The will of God is the only agenda – as revealed through a whole-context approach to God’s Word and applied to current situations and needs of the Church body. The Gospel is that of the Lord Jesus Christ – His principles, His emphasis, His very words.

At Living Word, the Word is just that – vibrant, powerful, alive (Hebrews 4:12), and the Lord is at work through the preaching of the Word to prepare His people for eternal fellowship with Himself.